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Meet Our Founder

Daniil Koval is the founder and CEO of West Coast Awnings Services Inc.

Over the past decade he's had the pleasure of helping hundreds of wonderful families in the greater Sacramento Valley with expanding their valuable outdoor space with patio covers or decorative trellises.

Being a family man, Daniil knows the value of time spent together making memories with your loved ones. That's what really helped him understand the role he plays in bringing families together.

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Service, Workmanship, and an endless pursuit of perfection are the key factors that drive him and his team every day. This is reflected in the 5 star customer ratings on Yelp and Google.

He takes great pride in his work and the work of his team at West Coast Awnings. That's why he personally oversees every single project West Coast Awnings Services Inc. engages in.

Families and friends who gather to enjoy their new expanded outdoor space, be it for parties, dinner, BBQ, or just to relax by the pool during the hot California summers, find themselves building memories they'll treasure for a lifetime.
After all, families that play together, stay together!

At West Coast Awnings, it's not just about Patio Covers, we're about building great relationships with our clients.

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